Friday, January 18, 2013


I love  Sunday Evenings  at Eastside !

The evening congregation  is normally a little smaller than the morning congregation, but there is something about  our evening worship that I  treasure. For one,  it is the fact that the people that come on a Sunday evening are  usually devoted worshipers. This fact contributes greatly to the ‘atmosphere’ of our worship. There is an aura of expectancy. There is love. There is spiritual fellowship.  There is good  singing. There is focus on ‘testimony’    and ‘prayer for the world’ , and obviously… there is the focus on the Word of God.  I often say,  with tongue in cheek,  that I love to put our people to sleep with the Word of God  on Sunday evening!   The Word  of God comforts the believer, so that they can go to bed that night  in the knowledge that our God reigns!  I know of no better sleeping pill than that knowledge!

What better way to end the week  and the 7th day, than in worship!  I simply do not understand what would keep anyone at home  for that hour and a half, when there  is such    wonderful opportunity to exalt Christ  and  to enjoy  choice fellowship.


At the beginning of this year  we   come to the second half  of Paul’s letter to the Romans, as we  consider Chapters 12 -16.  This is a wonderfully practical  portion of the Bible , for here  we  find  the application of   gospel truth –  that which  we have learned  in the first 11 chapters.

We shall learn that the doctrines of grace  will make us gracious. This is indeed the mark of a true believer. No matter where you come from, and how  sinful your past has been … if Christ has set you free you shall be free indeed!  
And if  you have been saved by the grace of God    you will exhibit the marks of that grace, by growing in grace  (2 Pet. 3:18).

So, dear believer,  if you are in Windhoek  and  if  you have never experienced the thrill of ending  Sunday with Christ  and Christian fellowship, then  come meet with us between  18h00 and  19h15 .

And,  oh yes, you might stay a little longer, because after the service there will be refreshments  and    some more  chatting in our  Courtyard Café.  

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