Monday, February 4, 2013

Prayer Week 2013 : “Appointed to bear much Fruit”

Namibian  summer holidays  occur  in  December and  during much of January.  Many of our people  go away for their annual vacation. During this  time  many church activities  go into recess, almost all -  except   prayer meetings and worship meetings.  We cannot afford not to pray and  to worship!

We see divine wisdom  in the fact that  the  church  like a  human body needs to have seasons of rest  and relaxation, whilst always being on her guard  against Satan’s  manifested schemes.

Our people return refreshed  and  ready  to face the  year.

At Eastside  Baptist Church,  Prayer Week follows our  summer holiday,  after children have been settled back into school, and  after  people  have settled back into their work routines.

Prayer week is normally  held  at the end of January.  The  Sundays  leading up to prayer week are  dedicated to  preaching on themes related to prayer  and vision casting. This year  our motto  is  taken  from  John 15: “Appointed to bear much fruit !”   I  have reminded the congregation that this is  the Vinedresser's desire for the church. The goal for which we are planted  is to bear much fruit. Any prayer relating to a desire for fruitfulness will be  honoured by our Father who is in heaven. We may need to be content  with  His pruning, and we may need to be content that the  divine Gardener will remove unfruitful branches out of our midst!  But we know  and understand the purpose for which He does it!  He does it to make the vine – the church even more fruitful,  thereby  bringing   more glory  to Himself.
This year  Prayer Week  started  on Sunday, 27th January and ended  on Sunday  the 3rd of February.  From Monday to Friday  the church had gathered to pray every  night  of the week   and also on Saturday and Sunday  morning. We were greatly encouraged by the turnout in the week  and also  by the fact that our people were generally steadfastly devoted to the Lord  in prayer.  

A number of people  have   indicated in the context of prayer  week that  they  want to join the church. For this immediate result we give thanks to God !

We  have reminded our people that prayer is not just an  occasional activity, but     a lifestyle. Prayer is to the soul what  oxygen is to the body. It sustains the church  like nothing else. No activity describes ‘abiding in Christ the vine’ more than  habitually  praying to God the Father in His Name !
As you help us by your prayers !
2 Corinthians 1:11

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