Saturday, July 2, 2011


Pastor Callie Rossouw leads a session
The Namibia Grace Minister’s Conference is currently in its 11th year of existence . It  was founded in 2001.
The purpose of the Namibia Grace Conference is to encourage pastors and elders in their work . This year about 25 people met together for this three day conference .
Although we prefer a Reformed Baptist ecclesiology , we are not sectarian and welcome other churches to participate in, and profit from this conference .
This year our theme was “ Preaching – our principal work “.
Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa was our principal speaker and Pastors Callie Rossouw (Walvis Bay Baptist Church) and Francois Koch (Swakopmund Baptist Church) each led one session .

Topics covered were :
• Spirit empowered Preaching
• Preaching Christ – the heart of the Gospel Ministry
• Preaching Christ from the Old Testament
• The Elements of Expository Preaching
• Pastoral Preaching – preaching that establishes the church
• Evangelistic Preaching – the importance of preaching for a verdict

Happy fellowship between sessions
Evening sessions which were open to the public,  dealt with the ministry of  the runaway preacher - prophet Jonah , which was handled by Ronald Kalifungwa , whilst  Joachim Rieck on another evening presented a biographical paper on a colourful Namibian personality Hendrik Witbooi (1830 – 1905) – with a special emphasis on his spiritual thinking . This paper will be published on this blog in due course.

The conference was well received , and we believe that our goal was reached . Our men were sent home satisfied and encouraged . Once again we thank God for the ladies of Eastside Baptist Church who so graciously and willingly served us in providing us with hospitality and good food.
Some of  the  Ladies of Eastside Baptist Church @ work

It was resolved at this conference that next year (i.e. 2012 D.V.) we should endeavour to bring our wives with us. This might mean that we would focus on the life of the pastoral family in that conference. Thank you for praying with us. We believe that our prayers  for this  conference  were answered.

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