Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ministry to Young Adults at Eastside Baptist Church

It is a wonderful thing when “ the chickens come home to roost “  !
Over a number of years we have now  had our young people leaving Windhoek and their home church to go to South Africa to pursue their tertiary education  there .

However , all of a sudden we have seen  a good number  return , and  it gives me a  real sense of satisfaction to see them return to their ‘perch’  - forgive me …  I meant to say …  their church

Tim Coomer , Emmanuel Zimba and  Tom Kahimise
Guys discussion group
Girls discussion group

Desiree , Trisha , Daniela and Sheldon in the kitchen

Fellowship after Bible Study

These,  together with  a good group of young adults  in our midst have joined  to become   a  blossoming Young Adults Fellowship at Eastside Baptist Church , meeting on Tuesday evenings for  Bible Study , Prayer  and Fellowship. There are about 25 young adults  in this group. We currently meet at  our church  manse , which provides a homely environment  for us.  Desiree Hutchins and Sheldon Husselman 
(engaged to be married in August this year)   have divided the  young adults  into " task  groups " who are responsible  for hosting  our meetings  and to  make sure that our stomachs  are  filled with good things after each  meeting.

Ministry to Young Adults is vital , since  this age group  is in the process of positioning themselves in  life  with respect to career , marriage , family and  involvement  in the church .  All these  important  aspects  reside under  the  Lordship of Christ , and   with His help  we  long to see these young people  bear much fruit for the glory of God . 
My prayer is that they would become catalysts   for God’s transforming grace in  our Namibian society , which  is  so plagued with godless values  and  empty living.  

May they not waste their lives. On the contrary , may they  by God’s grace  stir up our nation  through a new Reformation.

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