Thursday, October 25, 2012

A New Church is born in Windhoek - Welcome to Grace Reformed Baptist Church !

 A third of the great congregation present  at the service

It is not every day that one witnesses the birth of a new  congregation!
In the city of Windhoek we  have, with  great joy received into our midst   a new church – a new  manifestation of the presence  of God and a token  of the advance of the kingdom of God on earth. 

We pause  to give humble thanks for this  wonderful occasion and we say with the Psalmist:
“Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory , for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!”  ( Ps 115:1 ESV)

To crown the event,  the new church  was also able to ordain  their  new pastor, Tuundjakuje  (Spencer) Tjijenda  on the same day!


All this happened on Sunday , 21st October  at  the Monte Christo Baptist Church (under the pastoral leadership of  Laban Mwashekele). The service was led by  Pastor Rieck, on behalf of the sponsoring church, Eastside Baptist Church  in a packed service  of worship to the God who is  so very worthy of our praise!

Pastor Rieck leads the service
Pastor Mwashekele  began the service with Scripture reading (Acts 20:28-35) and prayer.

Godwin  Murangi  shares  the history of the church
Godwin Murangi of the Grace Reformed Baptist Church  reminded us of the beginnings  of  this  new church in  2006 . The church was  born in the midst  of many  physical difficulties and challenges , and we were made  acutely aware of the fact that it was the grace of God   alone  that  has caused this  church  to reach this milestone .

Pastor  Rieck, on behalf  of  Eastside Baptist Church (the  sponsoring church) then  read out the names of the 38 charter members, followed by the  recitation of  the church covenant, which was then duly signed by  the  elders, on behalf of the members.

The ordination service of Pastor Tjijenda followed with the laying on of hands  by the elders of EBC , who asked  the other ordained pastor- elders  to join them in this act of dedication  of our new pastor. The new church is  now in the hands of their  elders  Pastor  T. Tjijenda and Jafet Kazavanga.

Our new Pastor - Tuundjakuje ( Spencer) Tjijenda
The sermon was preached  by Pastor  Chipita Sibale  of the  Kabwata Baptist Church in Zambia. His text  was taken from  Romans 1:1  as  he reminded us all of the  character, calling and  commission  of the  pastor- servant of God, who exists for the benefit of the church.
The ordination of Pastor Tjijenda

At this point it is  important to mention the fact that  the Zambian church  has done much to encourage us in this work. We  are  careful to give thanks to God for their labour  in sending a good number of men over these years to consolidate the  good work  which the Holy Spirit has begun. Special mention must be made of Pastor  Nsenduluka Kapambwe   who had laboured  faithfully  for 2 years  for  the establishment  of this congregation.

After the service a  lunch was  prepared , and good fellowship was enjoyed . Truly, we were made very aware of the fact that this was the day that the LORD had made!

Joachim Rieck – October 2012

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