Monday, July 29, 2013


A recent fraternal held  in Swakopmund . 

"Behold, how good  and how pleasant it is  when brothers dwell in unity!" (Psalm 133:1) 

Over  the years I have come to treasure the fellowship of God centered pastor- elders more and more. When  such men  get together for fellowship, there is a concentration  of maturity and  godly desires, godly wisdom and godly love. 
I started  attending pastors fraternals in 1997,  when we started the Spurgeon fraternal in South Africa.  We have  subsequently  'exported' this concept also to Namibia, where churches are  generally situated  great distances apart, and were pastoral fellowship cannot be taken for granted.   

Pastors fraternals must not be confused with the customary "pastors conference" that we go to, in order  to hear gifted speakers expound  on various important topics from Scripture. These are very helpful indeed. But a pastors fraternal is different. 

The Pastor's fraternals I attend, are built around the Scriptures, but  they are specifically designed  and structured  to   draw out   the  hearts of the men that are present. Seating is important.

We sit in a circle, or around a table. Intimacy is important.  Scripture reading is followed by a short exhortation,  which  is followed by  deep sharing by the men present, followed by prayer and  mutual edification.  

A meaningful pastors fraternal  should  be held over at least  2 days. The informal, unhurried  sharing of each others burdens, the sharing of accommodation, the spontaneous prayer, the eating of meals together - all these constitute an atmosphere  that is  utterly unique  and uplifting.

Frequently, young men  or men who are interested in the ministry are invited to join us. This gives them  a good perspective as they listen  to  the older pastors. 
The bottom line is this:  Pastors need other pastors. 

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