Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Voices from the past : Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones in an interview in 1970

Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones (1899 - 1981) has been  perhaps the single most  important influence in helping me to discover the historic Christian faith. 
He was a passionate  Welshman, having trained originally as a medical doctor, but when he had felt the call to the pastoral ministry, he abandoned a very promising and lucrative career in London to  become a pastor  to a  a poor community in Wales for 11 years before he became  the famous preacher  of Westminster Chapel in London. Apart from  a God given intellect  and his  skills as an expositor of scripture,   he used his diagnostic skills as a medical doctor in the ministry.  His commentaries and books have helped  countless preachers like myself.

My attention was recently  drawn to this  interview  which he had with  Dame Joan Bakewell in 1970. Since there  are not many  such  recordings of this remarkable  man available, I encourage you to watch this video clip.

Please  take note of his unflinching commitment to the authority of Scripture, together with an ability to think on his feet as the Scriptures pour  from his heart and mind  on to his lips. He stands resolutely against the modernistic thinking of  our times, arguing  that man  is not just a sinner because he  does evil things (the facts are after all undeniable), but that he is most essentially  a rebel against God! This flies in the face of modern thinking where sin is treated as 'mere sickness'. Lloyd Jones argues that none but God can fix a rebel heart, and therefore he strongly argues for the necessity of biblical preaching. 

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