Saturday, March 21, 2015


Today ,  the Republic of Namibia  is 25 years old! We have  much to be thankful for 

Having been born in this country and having  begun my pastoral ministry in Windhoek   at the beginning of 1990,  three  months before  Namibia was constituted as an independent Republic,   I have been privileged to see  25 years  of progress and peace in Namibia.  

We thank God for political  stability. We thank God for  25 years in which  the people of Namibia  have  been able to  participate  in the privileges of citizenship, a privilege which was formerly  denied  them  under South African rule.  

We pray  that as our 3rd president, Dr Hage Geingob is sworn in today ,  we may  continue to experience peace  and stability, such as we have  known.  

Our prayer also  is that the Namibian  church may   take her calling to be the church of the Lord Jesus Christ seriously  in the days ahead , and that she would  fulfill her pastoral  and  prophetic role in Namibia.  A  country  can only be stable if  her citizens learn  to  live under authority . The primary authority  we refer to is  the  God who has made the heavens and the earth (Acts 4:24). God   has instituted the authority of the governing authorities( Romans 13:1-7) . He  has ordained that civil society  ought to  live humbly under  the rule of  God, who  gives us  the kind of leaders  we ask for.  God fearing, moral , responsible leaders  are a blessing  from God , for they do much under God to  prevent   all sorts of evils  that would undermine the moral fibre of our society.

So  then, far from resting on our laurels  let us learn to  encourage our leaders  in  the future  by regularly praying for them, and  by regularly reminding them that there is a God in heaven  to whom all earthly authority  must  one day give an account (Philippians 2:9,19) . Let  our churches  help our  political leaders by  raising up  God fearing  people and citizens  by  the  faithful preaching of the  Word of God.

People that fear God  will be   positive, constructive  citizens   which will make  a land governable  and  biblically  prosperous.

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