Friday, June 19, 2015

30th Anniversary of Eastside Baptist Church

Eastside Baptist Church — 30 years later !
It  was  in the June of 1985  that  the Eastside Baptist Church was constituted  by 21  founder  members under the leadership  of Pastor Charles Whitson .  
God had  blessed us almost right away with  a suitable  property  on the corner of Hebenstreit  Street and Mission Road in Ludwigsdorf. The first phase of our building program was completed in 1987.
Many hands have worked  on the building since then,  and we thank God for them all.  Of greater significance   is the purpose  for which this building  was designed.   Many  people  have   been worked on by God   in these 30 years. Only eternity will reveal  what  has been accomplished in the souls of  men, women and children.
And so it is that  with the passing of the  years  Eastside  Baptist Church  can increasingly claim to  have a history and a heritage!  We  who are  now in the membership of this  church,  remember that  we  are  enjoying the fruit  of dedicated labour of those that have  previously worked here.  May  we be continuously reminded  of  the purpose for which this church was established  -  a center to  bring God’s people to  Christian maturity  and  to be witnesses   to our  Lord Jesus   Christ. 
 In commemoration of this event, on Saturday , the  20th of  June  our congregation will enjoy  a thanksgiving lunch  together, and on Sunday the 21st  June  Pastor Callie Rossouw of the Walvis Bay   Baptist Church  will preach the Word  to us 

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