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THEME  : Biblical Discipleship
DATES :   23rd - 25th   March 2010
SPEAKERS :  Phil Hunt - Central Africa Baptist College ( Kitwe /Zambia )
                            Doug  van  Meter  - Brackenhurst Baptist Church ( Alberton / S.A )
CONFERENCE VENUE : Eastside Baptist Church - Windhoek .  This church has been  sponsoring and hosting this annual conference for mainly Reformed Baptist Pastors  since 2001.
The  annual  NAMIBIA GRACE MINISTER'S CONFERENCE  is a small  conference  of   mainly  Reformed Baptist  pastors , elders   and students , although we do encourage other likeminded  men  from other denominations to attend . The purpose of this conference has been  explained in my previous blog .

This year's theme was focussed  on  "Biblical discipleship ".  Our  speakers   Doug van Meter  and  Phil Hunt  are men who are  verry  committed  to the practise of this imperative given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ in the  Great Commission. They expounded  the Scriptures with plenty of  practical application  .
Doug van Meter set the tone on Tuesday evening  when he  spoke about  " The  Great Commission and the Imperative of Discipleship "  in the context of an open session ,  which  was attended  by  a number of church members .
The  day sessions for the  conference attendees   addressed  the issues of "discipling leadersdiscipling the home ; discipling men  and discipling new converts ". 
On Wednesday evening  Phil Hunt  spoke at an 'open session' on the  subject :  "Challenging the current world views that challenge the call to discipleship " .

On Wednesday afternoon we  had a public discussion  on the subject  " Discipling  a nation through public forums : Radio , Schools , Prisons , Universities " . Currently , these institutions present open  doors for ministry in  Namibia , and we  encouraged one another to make full use of these present  opportunities , knowing full well that such opportunities may not be there  for ever in a day .

We   believe that our men went away challenged and encouraged .  May the impact of  this conference  be seen in the years to come .

Joachim Rieck

 Pastor Spencer Tjijenda ( Westside Baptist Church - with wife  and  daughter )
                                                                                   Conference venue : Eastside Baptist Church

Namibia Grace Conference  : Evening Session

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