Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Reformed Namibian Baptist in Switzerland


Sossusvlei - Namibia . These are  the highest dunes  in the world
What  do Namibia  and  Switzerland have in common ?  Well, both are found upon the face of the earth , and both  countries are created by God - but what breathtaking diversity there is between the two  !
Young and old  had a good time  at this Family Confere
My purpose  for coming to this beautiful part of God's   world was not  initially to do sight seeing, but to attend  a Reformed Baptist Family Conference  which was held in Sedrun , in  the Canton of Graubuenden . About 160 adults and children gathered  here  over Easter Weekend to enjoy choice fellowship  and  to hear God's Word proclaimed. 

Stephen Rees  from the UK  was the  speaker  who  led us through some thought provoking meditations upon  some of those Psalms   that  reveal  the  emotional life of the Psalmist  from deep sorrows to  great joy .I was most encouraged by this conference that seeks to draw together likeminded believers  from Germany, France , Switzerland and Austria . The  fellowship was excellent  and the hunger for the Word of God  evident . There is true earnestness  and love for Christ among these believers .
Stephen Rees (UK) with Robert Kunstmann translating

The Reformed Baptist movement  in Europe is  in its "infant shoes". This seems ironic when we consider that  the Reformation came initially  from Germany.  This simply reminds us that every generation needs to be re-evangelised and re-discipled  according to the dictates of God's Word . I  truly trust and pray that   God would be pleased to multiply this  generation of believers .
One of the  areas of concern would be an ' over zealousness' that would  sometimes creep  into  such young movements . There have been  divisions  in the past, and we must pray that conferences such as these will bring the necessary  perspectives  and  impetus for unity .

We are blessed in SOLA 5 ( An Association of God centered Evangelicals in Southern Africa)  to experience such wonderful unity  among our churches . I pray that this young work in  the heart of Europe  will indeed blossom and flourish under the good hand of our God.
Andre & Masha Bay - a missionary couple from South Africa   doing church planting in Wetzlar , Germany


Conrad Mbewe said...

Thanks Joachim. We need information like this if we are going to pray meaningfully for God's cause in other countries around the world. Thanks for this report.

As I see us here in southern Africa experiencing this "day/door of opportunity" I often ask myself what we should do to keep enjoying such an open door. In other words, what did Europe do (or not do) that led to their door being closed?

I am still searching for a satisfactory answer to this question, an answer that will enable me to know what we must do to prevent the same thing happening here.

Bradsher Family to Namibia said...

Hello Pastor. I and my family are Reformed Baptist missionaries working in Grootfontein. I just came upon your blog today. We are going to be in Windhoek for a week starting the 24th of May. I would love to come talk with you if this would be possible. We are also looking forward to coming to your Sunday service while we are there. Brian Bradsher

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