Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Foundational Matters Which The Namibian Church Should Be Praying For At This Time

Yesterday  (06/03/2014)  the  Namibian  nation was called to prayer  by our President in response to a  series of cruel  murders  of young women  by their boyfriends.  We need  to understand that these murders are symptomatic of  what goes on in the heart  of our people. A mere  glimpse at the symptoms will not solve  our problems . The church has  two  powerful weapons by which she mat help the country :  (i) to preach the Word  ( ii) to pray  regularly  for the spiritual health  of the nation .  To be sure, prayer for our country needs to be an ongoing work of the church . 

Here are  5 foundational  considerations for  continued intercessory  prayer : 

1.  Pray  that  God would give  our   churches  the  ability to  see that  the neglect of  the Word of God and Prayer has indeed reaped grim  rewards. We have believed  the  lies of humanism, and its   doctrines  that teach  us to  rely on the wisdom of man  more than  the  wisdom of  the Word of God. For this we need to repent.

2. Pray that our  churches and nation  would see that  the  most basic and foundational  institution  upon earth – covenantal marriage,  the foundation of the family,  is  indeed God’s idea . This sacred institution has  been  spurned  by our generation and thus   has produced  this social chaos in which we now  find ourselves.  For this we need to repent.

3.  Pray  that we would see that  we have neglected our parental duties  towards  our children. Too many children in our country have grown  up without godly  nurture  and  instruction. Too many  children nowadays  grow up in single parent families,  or  are being raised  by  persons who are not their  parents.  We ought to repent  that we  have bought into  modern  humanistic  values that forbid  the parent to discipline their  child in biblical love.

4.  Pray that  the Namibian church  would wake up from its   non - commitment to the authority of God’s Word, and that preachers  would arise to  fearlessly  proclaim the  whole counsel of God,  speaking the truth in love.  Pray  that God would  forgive the church  for her many sins  and restore her ( 2 Chronicles  7:14)

5. Pray that the Namibian government   would   have the wisdom to keep all  immoral   and subversive forces out of the land, and to firmly punish  all evil doers   and murderers appropriately and in such a way so as to  discourage any further acts of violence.  

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