Wednesday, March 12, 2014


New Independence Museum built by NK
For a number of years now we have been observing  that North Koreans  have been used to  build  Namibian National symbols  such as the grandiose State House, a new Independence Museum and the   Heroes acre  in our capital city, Windhoek .

Given the fact that Namibia is a free  and democratic country,  it is ironic  that  we should  allow  an  oppressive, sinister   regime such as North Korea,    to  build  our national symbols of freedom.  

We have just heard that  North Korea  has  jailed and  possibly executed  33 Christians.
The Washington Times (March 6th, 2014)  citing the South Korean  Daily Mail   carried the following  report :

North Korea tyrant Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered that 33 Christians believed to be working alongside South Korean Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook be put to death.
Heroes Acre  Windhoek built by NK 
The South Korean missionary — who was arrested last year — and his accomplices have reportedly started 500 or so underground churches, Breitbart reported.
South Korean press cited by The Daily Mail reported that Mr. Kim has charged that the 33 are attempting to overthrow the government — the same accusation that led to the execution of the North Korean leader’s uncle, Jang Song-thaek, and all Mr. Jang’s relatives.
The missionary aides will be put to death in a cell of the State Security Department, The Daily Mail reported.
Their announced executions come just a day after reports surfaced that North Korea’s Number Two, Choe Ryong Hae, hasn’t been seen at several recent public events he normally would have attended — fueling talk that perhaps he’s the latest to be purged from Mr. Kim’s government.[1]

Kim Jong-un of North Korea
Surely, this is an outrage!   Namibia has a large professing  Christian majority  and  we should not be silent on this matter. We know of course  that God will,   in His time, severely judge  North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un  for  the murder of  Christ’s people,  but  we also  want to remind  our government that alliances  with  such  countries  will not leave us unscathed from the wrath of God.  [Habakkuk 3:2]

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