Friday, May 23, 2014


 In taking  a look  at their  calendars , many people  will be asking themselves  this coming week : “ Thursday,  29th May— Ascension Day.”  “What on earth is that?”  Why Ascension day ? Christmas we know , Easter we know – but  what is  Ascension day ?  And why should this still be a  public holiday  to be remembered on our  yearly calendar ?

Ascension Day marks the day when our dear   Lord Jesus  Christ ascended up into Heaven , following His days of humiliation on earth , when He had taken on the nature of a lowly servant , to take up His visible glory once more  (John 17:5) .  

This  happened  40 days after His resurrection from the dead, which this  year was commemorated  on   Sunday  the 20th  of April.  Following that , after  40 days from  that  Easter Sunday , you get  to  Ascension Day—Thursday, the 29th of May.

It  is an amazing fact that Ascension day still  forms  part of our Namibian   national calendar, for after all our country’s  constitution  claims  to be secular –  that is . without favour towards  any particular  religion. 

It is amazing to think that a  day of such little   relevance in the eye of the general public   (and sadly even the church)  should   still  occupy  a  reason for people to stop doing any work on this Thursday  and to  remember  this significant event on the Christian church calendar . 

I see this as divine providence, and therefore I call all Christians to   make this a day  of praise and worship . 

If you live in Windhoek and you read this , and if your church does not have a service of remembrance on this day , that I take the liberty to invite you to our service . 

Join us then on    this coming Thursday  29th May   at Eastside Baptist Church  from  09h30 - 10h30   to  worship our ascended Lord Jesus.

I believe  that   this day publicly  recognized  on our national calendar   singularly honours   our  Lord  Jesus , and therefore I say :  “God bless Namibia !”

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