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Dr. Tedd Tripp,  the author of the very  helpful book “Shepherding a child’s heart“   and  a retired pastor  will be  with us  on the weekend of the   from the  11th – 13  May 2012.

The  5 Seminars  will be spread  out  over Friday evening (2 sessions) and Saturday morning   (3 sessions).
Dr Tripp will preach (D.V) at Eastside Baptist Church on Sunday morning, 13th  May.

The seminar  will  be relevant to  almost anybody , since children  are  always a part of our lives .  Below  find  a summary of the sessions.

Kindly confirm  your  attendance  by  sending an email  to  Caroline Slabber  before  Friday 27th April !

 Please Note :

  1. Booking is essential !
  2. A  Conference  booklet  and tea/ coffee will be supplied
  3. A nominal fee of  N$ 50.00 per person  will be charged
  4. Those coming from  outside of  Windhoek must make  their own arrangements  for  accommodation. Some  accommodation will be available  from our church members .  Preference will be given to pastoral families.


Session 1           Getting to the Heart of Behavior
The major theme of Shepherding a Child’s Heart is that the heart directs behavior.  In this session Dr. Tripp presents an overview of several passages that teach that the heart is the wellspring of life.  Since behavior is heart driven (Luke 6:45), it cannot be understood or addressed biblically in isolation from the heart.  What a child says and does is a reflection of the abundance of his heart.  This session explores some of the common ways that we try to address behavior without shepherding the heart, helping  parents gain skill at working back from behavior to the heart unmasking heart issues for their children.

Session 2           Helping our Kids See the Glory of God

Shaping influences of childhood are the events and circumstances in a child’s  developmental years that prove to be catalysts for the person he becomes. Shaping  influences, however, are only half the story.  Children are worshippers so they interact with the shaping influences of life out of the Godward orientation of their hearts. Since they are worshippers children either worship God or idols. They filter the experiences of life through a religious grid.  Since their Godward orientation will determine the ways they respond to the shaping influences of life, one of the primary tasks of the parent is to help their children see the glories of God.  They are made to be dazzled and awed by God.  The parent’s calling is to help them see the glories and excellencies of the one for who they have been made.  Psalm 145 describes parenting as “one generation commending the works of God to another.”          
Session 3           Early Childhood: Helping our Children Live Joyfully under Authority
These early days are wonderful day for helping children understand that they are designed to live under authority.  Kind and gracious authority is a blessing for children since they lack wisdom, maturity and life experience.  Our task is helping them see that God, who is good and kind, has designed them to function as people under   authority.  God has promised wonderful blessing for children who learn to honor and  obey Mom and Dad.

Session 4           Childhood: Helping Children Understand How to Identify Attitudes of Heart

There are many issues that arise in shepherding our children that cannot be reduced to living under authority.  The Bible teaches that the heart has strayed long before the         behavior strays.  We must help our children understand the heart attitudes that are behind common behavior problems.  Focus on the heart keeps before us the need for     the transformation that grace brings.  This session will present a paradigm for getting from behavior to heart attitudes and helping children understand ways that their straying hearts show how profoundly they need the forgiveness, grace and empowerment of the gospel.

Session 5           Teenagers: Helping Young People Embrace the Gospel as their own Living Faith

This is the time to pass the baton of faith from one generation to the next.  There are    foundational issues in Proverbs 1:  the fear of the Lord, remembering your parent’s words and disassociation from the wicked.  The parent accomplishes the tasks of this developmental stage through rich biblical communication.  We will discover that the  finest art of communication is to understand the other person, in this case our teen.

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