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FEEDBACK : "Shepherding a Child's Heart" Conference in Windhoek - May 2012

About 150 people  from various denominations  gathered for  the  “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” conference  which was sponsored by the Eastside Baptist Church  in Windhoek. Tedd Tripp, our speaker and  the author of the book “Shepherding a Child’s heart  was  accompanied by his wife Margy   and  together  they were  a real treat , as  Tedd  spoke to us in 5 sessions ,  and as together they ministered to  individuals during the course of the conference.
Tedd  answering questions
Those who know Tedd and his approach to this subject  will know that  he works  from “first principles”. The Scripture teaches us that  the issues  of life  come from the heart. Behaviour is symptomatic, and therefore secondary. The heart  is primary.  When this is applied to  children, then we know that their behaviour, like that of adults,  is motivated by a heart  that   has been corrupted by the fall.  Our hearts  by nature are selfish and proud. With this theological fact in mind, Tedd masterfully  expounded  how behavioural issues at the various stages of childhood  need to be understood and dealt with by understanding  what the Bible teaches concerning  the heart .
Frans Brits leads a Q & A session
Tedd’s Reformed Theology  then applies  the  remedies  in terms  of a thorough understanding  of grace. Grace is what God  extends to repentant sinners, and  when we understand how He deals with us so very mercifully, then we shall also learn to deal mercifully and graciously with others who sin  – particularly the children  given to us by God .
Margy  answering the questions of many women
Tedd is not soft on discipline. He discussed the matter of ‘spanking’  and showed us that this practise too was rooted  in Scripture (Proverbs in particular). At a young age  this form of  discipline  can be very effective, because God’s  Word  recommends it! Tedd cautioned parents  however not to spank  in anger, but in love. This takes much wisdom.
The  five sessions  (see previous blog for specific content matter)  were  interspersed with Question and Answer sessions. Many  good questions were asked  and answered.

The  Barnabas Book  ministry  of the Eastside  Baptist Church , under the leadership of Coen and Annie Welsh  provided  many helpful  books  which were snapped up  at good prices!

The feedback given by many  of the  conference was very encouraging, and so  we  pause to give thanks to the Lord  who gives  ‘people gifts’( Eph 4:11-16)  such as Tedd and Margy  to the church  to equip the saints  and to  help them to mature.

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