Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christians confronting their Culture: On the attempt to legalise prostitution in Namibia

Dear Mr   Phil ya Nangoloh ,
I am Pastor Joachim Rieck of the  Eastside Baptist Church  in Windhoek   , a fellow struggler in the battle to  make this great country  Namibia  a place where   all can be truly free  under God !
A brief response to your article in the Windhoek Observer .
I have posted  this  writing on my blog  “ A  Reformed Baptist in Namibia “. I thought that it would only be fair that I should inform you of this .

Yours very sincerely ,

Legalization  of Prostitution in Namibia

Recently  there  has been  a debate  in parliament  concerning the legalization of  prostitution. One of our ministers,  Kazenambo   had proposed  that  prostitution should be legalized . This  has set off  a  series of protagonistic and antagonistic  writings  in the press and other  media like Facebook .
Kazenambo told fellow lawmakers earlier this month that legalising the world’s oldest profession would help “boost job creation” in the country.
Now fathom this …
Our local  Human  rights watchdog  NAMRIGHTS (formerly National Society for Human Rights—Namibia) had this to say :
For several obvious Constitutional and legal reasons, NAMRIGHTS’ answer to the above question is a firm YES. Does this necessarily mean that NAMRIGHTS encourages  and or promotes prostitution per se? The answer to this question is a sold NO. The human rights organization neither encourages nor discourages voluntary adult prostitution. However, what NAMRIGHTS does is to advocate the respect, protection and fullfilment of all human rights for all, without discrimination of any kind as to race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. One of the fundamental reasons why NAMRIGHTS is in favor of  the legalization of voluntary adult prostitution in Namibia is the fact that, according to Article 1(1) of the Namibian Constitution, the country is not a theocracy (i.e. a State governed in accordance with the Bible or Quran), but a secular state, founded upon three principles: (1) democracy, (2) the rule of law, and (3) justice for all, including prostitutes.

It is all very good and well for  an organisation  to speak  up for human rights , and in many  areas  they  may do a lot of good .  I am all for holding politicians  and other public figures accountable … including moral accountability !  
I can’t help  perceiving  that  NAMRIGHTS  in its  quest   to secure  justice for all  so very  easily  and  casually   ignores   matters of  morality  for the  naked  pursuit of human rights. The   “Human rights” movement  is ultimately  based on a particular   philosophy  whose premises  can be ( and should be) challenged .  In its pursuit of  fairness for all  , the moral  compass  is easily lost. The Human rights   movement appears  to speak  reasonably ,  but  I believe  that  reason  without a strong sense  of  morality is  as   effective as  a cloud that  produces no rain  . We see this  so very clearly in Namibia .
In this case  the basic premise adopted  is  that  adult prostitution  is a fundamental  right of those that choose  to  engage in it .   
Christians must challenge that  premise.
Enthroned above our  human rights  there is  a Creator  who has  made mankind with  great  care  and wisdom .  This includes the fact that  sex  is meant  for  the married context alone !   You may of course choose to reject my premise , but I say that the  Word of God  is true . Societies that are solidly built on biblical values   and principles have proven time and again  that   such  societies  are much more solid  and cohesive than those where loose sexual  values are  tolerated.  Do your homework . Study  history  and the rise and fall of civilisations  , and you will  come to   some  remarkable conclusions  about the  authority  and reliability of the Bible.


Unknown said...

'Human rights' that do not take into consideration the moral aspect in the light of God's law is not civilization. Such 'Human Rights' are a tool in the hands of the EVIL one to annihilate God's rule; Christians must be aware of such schemes of the devil. They are well sounding to the hearers but deadly to the souls of society.

Gabriel P.K. Banda. Lusaka, Zambia

Thomas Louw said...

I do think it is our place to criticize government and to point towards the Gospel. We must however not be disillusioned. The secular world will never accept the Bible as authoritive.
I think Conrad Mbewe had a very good approach in the way which he debated the death penalty in Zambia.

Anonymous said...

The next will be to encourage(legalize) our youth (under 18) to be drunkards so that we can creat more business opportunities, increase criminals so that we can employ more policemen. I think this way of thinking is sourced from the Devil because it promotes evil. There is no country that ever progressed because of promoting evil. Evil kills a nation. Righteousness builds a nation. Why? Why? Why? is our minister having such a decision to corrupt the morals of this wonderful nation. NO No please! let it go away even from your dreams.

Concerned Citizen.

Anonymous said...
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