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OBITUARY: Peter Radmanovich [11th April 1947 – 13th December 2023]


“Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the Word of God”… (Hebrews 13:7)

 I was converted in Cape Town in the June of 1978, whilst studying at the University of Cape Town. I attended St James Church, Kenilworth under the leadership of Frank Retief, who was used so mightily of God in those days- those 70’s. I am convinced that those were days of revival. We saw many men and women converted under the preaching of the Word of God in the morning and evening services.

In returning to my home town and country, Walvis Bay in Namibia, the  question now  arose - “which church should I attend”? There was no Church of England in South Africa (CESA, now known as REACH) in our country.  Pastor Frank Retief suggested that I could always attend a Baptist Church, as these were generally faithful, Bible based churches.

With this in mind I came to know of the Walvis Bay Baptist Church. At that time Don Watson was the pastor. I loved the small, warm and intimate fellowship of the church, and was duly baptised and joined the membership of the church. Don Watson left us soon thereafter to join the Airforce chaplaincy in South Africa.

Enter Peter and Linda Radmanovich in 1980!  Peter Radmanovich was called to be our pastor. He was a recent graduate of the Baptist Theological College in Cape Town, and a member of the Claremont Baptist Church.

Peter’s ministry in Walvis Bay was relatively brief – 7 or 8 years. Thereafter he received a call from the Durbanville Baptist Church, where Peter and Linda served for a short while before planting the Goedemoed Baptist Church in the greater Durbanville area.  

Back to Walvis Bay!  Those few years were filled with spiritual vigour and a profound sense of God’s presence. If you would ask me what defined Peter’s ministry, it was this: He had a profound trust and faith in God. He had a profound sense of trust in the promises contained in the written Word of God. This was coupled to a real habit of prayerfulness, and this is the abiding impression I received. Peter and Linda taught us to pray. I remember the many early morning prayer meetings at which we rose at 5 AM to present our many prayers and petitions   to God.

In those years Peter led our small 17 member congregation in trusting the Lord for the provision of a church building. That story and the many wonderful anecdotes surrounding it must be told another time, but the result was that we saw a building built (or rather restored- for it was an old building) to the glory of God, by prayer, and debt free!  It was a true miracle, as we were led by a pastor that truly believed in the power, promises and providence of God. What was even more glorious  was  that  men and women were wonderfully converted in this season, leading to true church growth.

It was Peter that substantially shepherded, discipled and nurtured me into the obedience of Christ. It was his wise counsel, along with Charles Whitson, founding pastor of the Eastside Baptist Church (1985) that led me to consider the Christian ministry.   I responded to the call of God in  the June of 1985  and  went  for my 4 year seminary  training  at  Peter’s Alma Mater, the Cape Town Baptist Seminary. At Peter’s advice I also joined the Mowbray Baptist Church in 1986 as a youth worker. It is here that I would meet my wife Marcelle in 1986.  Wonderful providences!

The rest is history. As I write I am now ending my ministry to the Eastside Baptist Church after 34 years at the end of December 2023.

I have stood on the shoulders of spiritual fathers and mothers. For these I now give profoundest thanks to God! Among all these I salute you now, my dear faithful pastor, Peter Radmanovich. You have entered God’s promised rest (Hebrews 3 &4). I’ll see you in glory.  


Joachim Rieck, Windhoek, 19th December 2023  

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